This information regarding the Flanagan Family was compiled by Lou (Flanagan) Thurman and Richard (Dick) Thurman. The last update of this information was on September 22, 2000. Many thanks to Lou and Dick for their efforts.

The Ancestral names and dates were compiled from documents, pictures and from those ancestors who were interviewed at the time.

At the time of this September 2000, Aunt Mary Margaret (Dillon) (Hildebrand) Hayden is eighty-six years old and, to my knowledge is the last member of our family of her generation still living. She lives in her home in Kansas City, Missouri. Like her sister, Anna Mae (Dillon) Flanagan, she is very talented and has been a very industrious person throughout her life.

Our Great Grandparents, James Fay and Barbara E. Flanagan, had eight children and our Great Grandparents, James Reno and Mary Martha (McMackin) Curry, had twelve children. Therefore, I know that each of their children had large families, which is quite evident that we have many cousins who live in Missouri and Nebraska. Some of those I have met and others I am aware of, however, I wasn't able to get much information about them.

James & Martha Curry 1935
Our Aunt, Alice Irene (Dillon) McGuire, had six children and they all have children, so we have several cousins who live in the Sacramento/Bay Area of California.
Alice Irene (Dillon) McGuire 1942
Our Grandmother, Nancy Belle (Curry) Flanagan died July 14, 1947 at the age of fifty-eight from breast cancer. She is buried in the Cypress Lawn Cemetery in South San Francisco.
John Jefferson and Nancy Belle Flanagan 1906
John Jefferson and Nancy Belle Flanagan 1942

Our Great Grandfather, Zacaral Taylor Dillon, died at the age of eighty-two in Benton City, Missouri. Senile Dementia (possibly Alzheimer's disease) contributed to his death. He and our Great Grandmother, Louisa J. (English) Dillon, were retired farmers and are both buried in a small cemetery in Benton City, Missouri.

Our Grandmother, Mattie Davis (Jones) Dillon, died December 5, 1934 at the age of fifty-four in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The cause of her death was from diabetes.

Our Grandfather, Frank Joseph Dillon, who operated a painting business in Lewellen, Nebraska called the "Dillon The Dobber", remarried and later his wife died from burns caused from a wood stove falling on her. After the death of his second wife he moved out West and eventually settled in Stockton, California. He later married his third wife, Blanche (Stoops) Dillon. In or around September of 1945, while walking, he was struck by an automobile and on September 25, 1945 died from complications related to his injuries. His third wife Blanch died March 7, 1969 in Mountain View, California and would have been ninety years old eighteen days following her death. They are buried next to each other in the Stockton rural Cemetery in Stockton, California.

Mattie Davis (Jones) Dillon 1920
Mattie Davis (Jones) Dillon 1934
Frank Joseph & Mattie Davis Dillon 1934
Frank Joseph & Mattie Davis Dillon 1909

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